Saturday, August 20, 2011


Hello and welcome to my blog for Eryn's Enchanting Creations!  I am glad to have you following us.

A little bit about Eryn's Enchanting Creations and how it all got started.  After the birth of my daughter I started making tu-tu's.  For every occasion I would make her a different colored tu-tu.  I loved dressing her up and taking pictures.  It wasn't long before I branched out and started making super cute summer dresses.  They were super comfortable and could be worn for any occasion.  Friends started commenting on how much they loved them and so I decided to make a FaceBook Fan Page and start selling them.  It didn't take long for word to spread and I had people from all over the USA ordering from me.  When winter rolled around, I added leg warmers to the collection.  I think the leg warmers are one of my all time favorite items and my daughter wears them all the time!  Most recently I just added an item for little boys...neck-tie T-shirts/onesies.  These seem to be popular right now!  Today I completed my first flag banner, which also seem to be very popular!

I look forward to sharing new items w/you as they are completed an added to the collections!  I hope that you will share us w/your friends and family!

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