Sunday, September 4, 2011

Pillows For Hope

Do you know a child suffering from a life changing illness?  Has their whole life been turned upside down?  Do they spend more time seeing the inside of the hospital than they do playing outside?

Everyday children are diagnosed w/life threatening diseases that change their entire life.  Their entire world is turned upside down.  I want to do something to put a smile on those children's face.

I know it's not much.  But if you know someone who is in this situation.  They have a child who is suffering.  For $10.00 I will make them a pillow pet.  This includes shipping!  I ask in return, that you share their story w/me.  I will include that child on my prayer list and share their story on my FB Fan Page.

I hope this will help many sick children and put smiles on their faces!  Show them a lil bit of love and give them a special friend to be by their side during this difficult time!

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